Smart Tracking System

Smart Tracker is a Biometric/RFID Based School Attendance and school bus tracking system. Parents/Guardian of the students will recieve an instant SMS alert through our integrated solution on their mobile phones as soon as their child Enters/Exits the school.

The main purpose of the Attendance Tracking system to make the learning process safer for its participants, restricting unauthorized access to school.

Attendance Tracking is designed to optimize the learning process, delivering it from the daily routine, to facilitate the work of teachers, to make the educational process convenient for students and transparent for parents, and to abandon paper class journals and diaries.

The Smart Tracking System Would Help

● To automatically inform parents about arrival / departure time of their child with the help of SMS messages,

● To get rapid information about presence of a particular student or employee at the school at the moment,

● To carry out the automated time and attendance tracking of school staff,

● To organize automated attendance recording in the e-journal NetSchool and thus reduce workload.

How does the system work?

At the entrance to school the built-in biometric device are being installed, which combine the fingerprint and card readers. A visitor at the entrance places his finger on the scanner, the system reads the fingerprint and searches the database for similar one. In the case of coincidence the system matches your identification, it automatically sends a message to parent’s mobile phone that his child has just come to school. The same thing happens on leaving the school. Identification time is 2 - 3 seconds and message delivery time is max 3 minutes.

The system automatically marks absentees in the school electronic journal on the basis of students’ arrival / departure data. All information about the school life placed on the school site

Registration in the database is performed only on a voluntary basis. The use of fingerprints is absolutely safe for their owners in all respects.

Services for Parents

● Sms-messages about pupils’ entrance or leaving the school

● Messages from school aid-post regarding vacation or birthday of a child

● Information about the meetings, forthcoming tests and exams

● Urgent summons of a parents to school

Services for Administration

● Automated sizing up for each class and school

● Automated time attendance for school staffs

● Journaling of NetSchool

● Preparing and delivery of SMS-messages to separate parents and their groups


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